The Easter Egg Hunt That Changed Everything

For Shanta, Hoboken Grace’s annual Easter Egg Hunt brings her family together to share in the excitement of the event, but also to discuss the true meaning of Easter.

Each spring after moving to Cliffside Park four years ago, Shanta looked for a fun, inexpensive Easter activity for her children but found nothing in their neighborhood. Then, two years ago, she stumbled upon Hoboken Grace’s free Easter Egg Hunt online. She drove to Hoboken with her friend and two girls to check it out. She had no idea it was connected to a church with a kids ministry — something Shanta was also looking for.

The girls enjoyed activities such as face painting and taking a picture with the Easter bunny. They also loved every aspect of the Easter Egg Hunt, which is why Shanta brought them back the following year and is looking forward to this year’s hunt. “The girls wear their bunny ears to play dates, and tell their friends all about the event, even if it happened a few days or weeks ago,” she says.

For Shanta, the best part of the goodie bags were the snack clips with Hoboken Grace’s logo on them. She has them all over the house, securely fastening potato chip and cereal bags. “I see them every day, and one day, the bright orange clip made me curious enough to find out more about the church,” she says.

She had been praying for a church to attend as well, and wanted to find one that resembled the church she grew up in. “I was attracted to Hoboken Grace’s mission statement and to their strong Sunday school program,” Shanta says.

“I think God speaks to us all in a language we understand, no matter the age, and I am happy that the kids ministry team has helped my girls build a solid foundation in Christ,” she adds.

The Easter Egg Hunt has also helped her children learn more about Jesus, prompting discussions at the dinner table about the real meaning of Easter. Shanta explains the sentimental value Easter has for her and how Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated. The girls enjoy these conversations and have been inspired lately to ask about baptism after seeing one of their friends get baptized onstage.

This year, Shanta plans to invite friends to one of the two Easter Egg Hunts. She says she will never forget the warm welcome she received from Rachel, one of the volunteers. And what’s more, she says, it led to a significant turning point in her life.

“Easter is more special to me now,” she says. “Because besides the hunt and celebrating the Resurrection, it marks the time when I decided to learn about Hoboken Grace and get involved in the powerful, God-loving community there.”

To register for one of this year’s two hunts, or to sign up to volunteer, click here.  

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