Living On A Soul Kick

Pete Jones and Jordan Dansky are on a mission to change the world through daily intentional living. When they first started coming to Hoboken Grace last year, they felt powerfully drawn to our church’s mission of bringing people closer to God while meeting them where they’re at.

“It was amazing to experience being in a church where all these young people were not embarrassed or ashamed to worship, and you can see how much they love God,” exclaimed Pete, who grew up in a more traditional setting. “I had never experienced anything like this, and Jordan and I were hooked from the first day.”

Jordan said she had no idea what to expect at Hoboken Grace.  But she found it incredibly empowering to be encouraged to have open conversations with God.

“They didn’t have to be quiet prayers anymore, I didn’t have to keep my relationship with God only to myself anymore,” she explained. The energy and passion to celebrate God was joyfully on display.

Pete and Jordan have launched a website that promotes living lives full of purpose. Quarter for your Crisis is a place where millenials are encouraged to explore the world and share wisdom from their experiences. As part of this initiative, they interview people who “follow their fears, shift their definition of success and turn their thoughts into action.” They also share expert tools and resources in order to shed light on common struggles faced during our quarter life crisis years.

The couple has left their jobs in consulting and pharmaceuticals to backpack through Latin America. They want to be completely dependent on God’s guidance for their lives and they want to unite a community of people who think differently.

“At Hoboken Grace, we saw a community of people who strive to have God be the center of their lives. We saw the power of community, especially in dinner groups,” they said.

As they continue their journey and move away to pursue unconventional dreams, Pete and Jordan emphasized that they are hopeful they’ll find a church similar to Hoboken Grace.

We’ll be praying for safe travels, passion for pursuing Christ and loving community, wherever life takes them.

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