Making the Most of Each Step

There’s really no feeling like watching someone take the step of baptism after you’ve had the pleasure of learning their story and walking with them as they made that decision. A lot of times I don’t even wear mascara on baptism Sundays because, let’s be honest, we all get teary and there is no point. I can hardly contain my excitement when guests walk through the door to one of our growth classes because, again, being present to celebrate those moments of someone taking a next step is an honor.

I find it incredible that I’m not alone. In fact, there’s a team of us going through the exact same roller coaster of delight, and as we serve together we get to experience God in beautiful ways. As members of the Family Life Team, we don’t just help people walk through next steps — we aim to celebrate them as best as we can.

I recently talked with Susan and Bonnie about their experiences on the team and what they would share with others who are looking to take a next step and serve at Hoboken Grace.


How did you get involved with the Family Life Team?

Susan: God and I were having many conversations about what was coming next in my life, and I started to get clarity on what He was nudging me to do: start serving, specifically on Family Life. It started one evening when I was pulled aside by one of my dinner group friends. After talking with her about everything I was thinking, she encouraged me to get more involved with the church and she thought Family Life was a perfect fit. I then served at 1Day, helping coordinate the event, and had an absolute blast. Lastly, without knowledge of my pervious conversations with my dinner group friend, Sarah asked to have dinner with me to see if the Family Life Team was something I was interested in. I prayed about it and let God know my concerns about time. I felt Him reassuring me that it would all balance out in the end and that this was where he wanted me to be right now. And He was right — I’ve been serving ever since.

Bonnie: When we had the Uptown location, Anthony had asked if I was interested. After sitting in on my first baptism class, I decided to go through the processes firsthand and get baptized myself.


What have you learned/experienced while serving on the Family Life Team?

Bonnie: I like listening to other people’s stories. Much of what we do involves listening to hundreds of stories — tough stories, intense stories, relatable stories — and they’re all incomplete stories, which is my favorite part.

Susan: Serving God happens in a variety of ways. So often we think of spiritual gifts as speaking, writing or music, but there are so many more! The strengths and skills He equips us with enable us to uniquely serve Him on the mission He put us on. I love that, as a part of the Family Life Team, God allows me to utilize my coordinating and executing skills to impact the people around me through classes, baptisms and events. I didn’t realize or feel these were spiritual gifts, but now I’ve seen time and time again that God has put our team together to execute flawlessly, which enables His message to impact people.


What would you share with others who are looking to take their next step and serve at Hoboken Grace?

Susan: Life is busy. There is always something else that needs to be done or needs your attention; however, don’t ignore that little nudge you’re feeling. God has designed a mission just for you, and He will give you everything you need to be able to serve. So, don’t be afraid! There is a perfect service opportunity just for you!

Bonnie: Hop right in before you give a second thought of, “I don’t have enough time, energy, etc.” That’s always my go-to excuse before I realize the experiences and good times I’ve missed out on. I find myself making time, enjoying the energy spent with others, listening, talking, learning together, etc. I don’t have all the answers — I don’t pretend I do — but I do enjoy a great discussion about where we are in life and where we hope to go. What can be better than that?


Are you feeling that nudge to serve? Family Life is part of the larger Assimilation Team that is specifically built so that people find connections and don’t fall through the cracks. Join us as we celebrate big to help people take their next steps and find connection at Hoboken Grace!

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