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The Band Behind One of Hoboken’s Largest Concerts

This past Sunday marked yet another sold out show filled with crying, adoring fans. The crowd of over 1,300 people just couldn’t get enough of these musical prodigies.

The band members are humble and practiced for weeks. But, when it came time to go on stage, some were hit with creative inspiration, some coudn’t contain their excitement, and others…couldn’t believe they were on tv.

“A STAR IS BORN!! Not just one, dozens! Simply astonishing.” – Hoboken New Times


“Some have accused me of not loving Christmas, but I think my heart grew three sizes that day.” – The Grinch


“I cannot tell if the students were aware of their self-awareness, but in their amazement of themselves on screen…I found myself asking the deeper questions. Who is it I see, who do others see, am I happy with what I see? These children didn’t know it, but their confidence revolutionized my life.” – 2Deep4You Rambling Publications


“Kendrick Lamar has nothing on the beats these kids were laying down.” – Parumpapumpum Press

Disclaimer: There is no actual data that can prove whether this was in fact, one of the largest concert in Hoboken. However, if you ask the fan club in attendance on Sunday if what they saw, was the biggest Hoboken Concert, there is no doubt. (And all other writing is purely fictional.)

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