Mega-Awesome Costume Party

Many nostalgic thoughts run through our heads when we think about the month of October. The fun decorations, parties or candy (way too much candy), and the chance to dress up as all kinds of different characters from comic books, movies and TV. Some of my favorite costumes I’ve ever had were from my childhood days. I was a frog, a rockstar, a bear, Pikachu, and then even Pikachu again in 2019.

In a year of uncertainty, there was one thing we could count on; Grace Kids throwing a mega-awesome-costume party! As the weather turned quickly from summer into fall, an Ewok costume came in handy for an extra layer of warmth. But extra layers of capes and wigs were quickly forgotten as kids raced around the roof playing corn hole and tag. Our princesses and angels smiled sweetly on as an entire saga of Star Wars paraded through check-in.


The baby Yoda was the cutest of them all. Superhero six-packs were prevalent, muscles flexing on tiny arms. And two Spider Men (ahem…one spider women, excuse me) couldn’t be caught as they swung their way through songs of worship and praise. All in all, a mega-awesome-Sunday yet again at Grace Kids on the roof.

The reason this October tradition continued to bring joy to our families, was because so many events have had to be modified to fit our current times. What’s the point of dressing up in your best, funniest or most impressive costume if you can’t share it with people in person? That is why it was so exciting to provide the chance for our kids to celebrate and have fun together. Sometimes all it takes is a silly costume to put a smile on their faces which in turn, puts a smile on all our faces too.


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