Mother’s Day at Hoboken Grace

Let’s be honest. When speaking about times in which we honor mothers, it should be every day. It’s the least we could do for them living us the gift of life and raising us to be the people we are today. But it is special that a day is set aside to remember, honor and uplift the mothers and motherly figures in all of our lives.

With Mother’s Day always falling on a Sunday, it has become a tradition in many households to spend Mother’s Day morning at church. Tons of them would be there anyway, but there’s just something different in the air on Mother’s Day, spending it with other mothers and the kids who turned them into mothers. Like a handful of other holidays, Mother’s Day was an unfortunate casualty of the pandemic in that we, as a church body, had to spend it separately in our own homes.

Some were in lock down with their mothers, others lived far away and couldn’t see them, but coming back together for it this year felt like no time had passed. Seeing the smiling faces of the Hoboken Grace moms and their families as they entered the doors reminding us how important this type of communal experience is and how we’ll always find a way to celebrate.

If you attended in-person service this past Sunday, you might have noticed the special coffee station we had set up just for this occasion, as well a photo station for family pictures and a gift of Hoboken Grace mugs given out to all the mothers. So many mothers and motherly figures showed up that more were given out than anticipated, showing how eager everyone was to get out of the house and be with family and friends during this wonderful day.


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