Nine reasons to take NINE

Are you expecting or the parent of a newborn? Our NINE class is designed to help you start this journey and build into your child from day one. The class is back this summer and starts in just one week. Here are nine reasons to sign up:

1). It’s hard to prepare for what’s about to happen.

We spend years training for our career. We take pre-marital classes before marriage. But parenthood? It’s one of life’s biggest steps – and one of the hardest things we’ll ever do – yet we assume (hope) it will come naturally.

2). Making disciples should be our greatest priority.

As parents, we’ve been called to create disciples of the little ones entrusted to us. Our greatest priority should be ensuring that our children grow up knowing the one who loves them most! This doesn’t happen automatically, and we have to be intentional about it.

3). A faith-based understanding of truth will shape the way you parent.

“We have a couple of months before our baby arrives, but the class has already been an enormous blessing to us, filling some huge holes in awareness and knowledge that we didn’t even realize we had,” said Ben and Adrienne. “NINE gave us some awesome tools to start thinking about how we will raise our child, our need for grace, and how parents can reflect a nuanced understanding of God to their children from day one.”

4). Because you need a plan.

“The NINE class has been essential in helping us thoughtfully prepare for the arrival of our first child,” said Eric and Kristen. “Learning the principles that support practical parenting decisions has allowed us to confidently establish our strategies regarding sleep training, discipline and discipleship.”

5). It’s a necessary conversation starter.

“We continue to have challenging conversations based on the material and are so thankful for what we learned as we discuss things,” said Ben and Adrienne. “The class really brought us face to face with some of the deep naivety and false confidence with which we were approaching parenthood.”

6). You’ll work through tough topics – like discipline – early on.

“What I think I’ll remember most was the challenge to protect my relationship with my child and make sure I never use that relationship as a bargaining tool,” said Erika, who took the spring class with her husband, Nick. “Because of human nature, it can be tempting to default to respond in unhealthy ways when our kid does not do what we want them to. Instead, focusing on disciplining my child the way God does with me — with love, endless second chances and not with shame — will make such a difference.”

7). It’s a great opportunity to meet other expecting parents.

You’re not alone in this. Learn from others who are also preparing to become parents and share the journey with them.

8). It’s just four hours.

The class meets for one hour on Tuesdays (from 7 to 8 p.m.) for four weeks. Classes start June 1st and wrap up June 22nd.

9). There’s no time to wait!

Registration fills up fast, and NINE only offered a few times a year. If you’re expecting, start your conversation about parenthood today. You can register for the class here.

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