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The Home Initiative 

After fourteen years, it was this Sunday that we were finally able to announce we had found a permanent space for our church. A space from which we could love and serve Hoboken better than we ever had before. In that moment, the Home Initiative transformed from an idea that we prayed about to a real space with real plans.

“We are so excited to establish this space for our community. We have never wavered from continually growing how we love Hoboken and this building will allow us to create an incredibly flexible space that can be enjoyed by those who live and work here. It’s going to be an active and dynamic venue that will host nonprofit and other community partner events throughout the week.” – Chris High, Lead Pastor

This historic moment came after a lot of prayer and trust in God’s plan. A journey with ups and downs, but one that was ultimately better than anything we could have ever expected.

To begin with, launching the Home Initiative without a confirmed space was a huge step of faith. In fact, the sheer scale of our hopes was at odds with the very city we were looking to find it in. The square footage and multi-functionality we need amounted to a real estate unicorn in a place with such limited space and so little undeveloped land. 

We weren’t sure how or where, but we knew that God would provide. We knew He had a plan. Faithfully, we went ahead launching the Home Initiative in March of 2020. Little did we know that just a few weeks later, the whole world would be turned upside down. Suddenly, the timing saw us asking people to invest in a dream when they were in the middle of one of the most uncertain seasons of their lives! 

As we look back over the past year and a half, we are in awe of what He has done through it all. God has provided something bigger than we ever thought possible and has provided just the type of space we needed. 


The Building

We are now under contract to purchase the building that hosted Bow Tie Cinema in north Hoboken! We were sad to see the theater leave the city, but once we understood that they would not be returning, we saw an opportunity to save the space and ensure that it would continue to be a community space that served the city. 

The building provides over 25,000 square feet of usable space and the facilities needed to accommodate daily use with multiple configurations. It allows for classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, a sanctuary, a large multipurpose youth group room, and more. We are completely blown away and are so excited to see how our nonprofit and other community partners will benefit from this amazing space. 


Community Partners

The only people more excited about this space than us are our community partners!

“Hoboken Grace is an active partner in the growth of our nonprofit that serves underprivileged youth. Without Hoboken Grace, we would not be where we are today. We fully support their plans to develop a community center and look to continue working with them in the future.” – CEO, Community Lifestyle 

“Hoboken Grace Church has made and continues to make a tremendous positive impact in Hoboken. Having a permanent location would be an asset for the community. [They are] a force for good and presence for the whole community.” – Director, In Jesus Name Charities

“Hoboken Grace is a vital partner of New ity Kids in our mission to support the under-resourced kids of Hudson county to become agents of change in their communities, and also in their quest for college. We have found [them] to be a great neighbor and force for good, especially for our most disadvantaged citizens. We hope that the Hoboken City Council  will approve their request to redevelop 4019 14th Street into a vibrant community center.” – Community Engagement Coordinator, New City Kids 

“Hoboken Grace has helped us further our mission of supporting and advocating for people who have Down syndrome (DS) since our inception in 2005. We fully support Hoboken Grace’s plans to develop a community center and look forward to our continued partnership with their organization.” – Vice President, Rock the 21

“We provide our students with ESL courses, GED/TASC preparation and computer literacy. We also provide our students with regular conversation practice and additional support, including health webinars, legal counsel workshops, and emotional counsel referrals. The Open Door is forever thankful for the impact of Hoboken Grace on the Hudson County community! We are so hopeful they will get the additional space they need to have an even greater impact in the future.” – Cofounder & Executive Director, The Open Door 

“I am writing to express my vehement support for Hoboken Grace’s Church’s application to procure a community building. Not only do I entrust that they will continue to act as a hub for community partnerships, but I can say that without a doubt, TRUE Mentors, Inc. would not exist without the initial efforts and ongoing support from Hoboken Grace Church in particular.” – Executive Director, TRUE Mentors

“Having somewhere like the newly anticipated Hoboken Grace building could be life-changing. That may sound drastic, but feel free to attend one of our future meetings and you can see the impact these meetings can have on our young girls. It is life-changing.” – Girl Scout Leader of Troop 11175


Prayer & Next Steps

As the purchase process proceeds and discussions continue on zoning, permits, and approvals, we are facing the most important part of the battle. We ask everyone to pray for the process, the church leadership and our city leaders as we work through logistical and other considerations that we are sure to face. Plans to move into the space are in development, but we know that it will likely not take place until at least mid-2022 at the earliest. 

If you have been waiting to commit to the Home Initiative, now is the time. We are going to change what it’s like to live in Hoboken, and so don’t just watch what happens…be a part of it! Click here to learn more about how to support or be involved in the Home Initiative. 


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