Why I Serve on the Assimilation Team

The Assimilation Team works to make sure every guest at Hoboken Grace knows they matter. It comprises three smaller groups: the Engagement Team (helps people find their place to serve), the Concierge Team (helps guests take next steps) and Connection Points (helps answer any questions from first-time guests).

Serving with Assimilation is an opportunity to show guests that they matter – and to make them feel as comfortable as possible. But there are plenty of other reasons people serve in this area as well. The Writing Team recently asked three people why they serve on their respective team:



“For my whole adult life, I cynically, and insecurely, avoided church, and discussions of faith, because I figured I would be looked down on for my doubts and skepticism. Speaking with someone at Connection Points after one of my first services here at Hoboken Grace showed me that I had nothing to fear; church was exactly the place to come to have that discussion. I found my faith here; I found my real life and self here, and I wanted to be able to pass that same gift and assurance on to someone else who may be taking those first tentative steps on the same journey.”



“I love the Concierge Team because it gives me an opportunity to love people in our church — as well as first-time guests — by praying for them, answering questions, helping them get connected and making sure they know about all the amazing resources available to them. In my full-time editing job, newsletters are a big part of our strategy, so helping craft and send Hoboken Grace’s emails is a great fit (though that’s certainly not a prerequisite for anyone else who’s interested in joining us!).”


“Serving on the Engagement Team is an opportunity to be a part of a first-time guest’s experience and to love them well. It’s also an opportunity to teach people about the joy of being a part of the service outside of just attending.”


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