Step Into Faith

Baptism Sunday at Hoboken Grace is always a special occasion. We love to celebrate and are honored to be part of the journey when someone takes the next step in their faith.

It is so amazing to see someone publicly pronounce their commitment to Him and the rebirth and transformation they are expressing by washing away their old selves and arising from the water renewed.

As we always say at Hoboken Grace, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’ve done, God is pursuing you exactly as you are. Chelsey discovered this herself and realized she didn’t need to make a huge change or reach a certain level of perfection before she took the next step of faith. She decided to come to Him and take the step of baptism exactly as she was and she was so glad she did.

The Story Team recently spoke to her about her experience.

Story Team: What was the feeling like when you were baptized?

Chelsey: After getting baptized I honestly felt new and had so much joy in my heart. I haven’t felt so happy and alive as I did when I rose up from the water. I felt sad and stressed with everything going on my life before, but I felt so good after getting baptized. I have so much faith and God has blessed me so much.

Story Team: Who was up there with you?

Chelsey: My mother and father were up there with me. They have always been part of my life and leading me to right the path to follow Jesus.

Story Team: For another Hoboken Grace community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them?

Chelsey: If you feel it in your heart, do it! Don’t do it because someone else tells you. You’re doing this for God and yourself, you’re committing to this big step.

Story Team: What made you take the step of baptism?

Chelsey: Before taking the step of baptism I didn’t want to get baptized because I felt I would continue sinning. Then I spoke to Anthony and he explained to me about the real meaning of getting baptized. I was scared for a couple of years because I was afraid of making the same mistakes all over again. But this year I felt a lot of things good happen and God had blessed me so much. Going to church and listening to the word of Christ has touched me so much. I have stopped so many bad habits and I prayed, worshiped, and attended church more. I decided It was time for me to get baptized because I felt it in my heart; I had no doubt, I believe in Him!

To learn more about baptism and how you can take this step of faith click here.

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