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Supporting a Group Member Who is Moving

Whether it’s a first-time move or a series of moves, moving to a new home and a new area can be a stressful event in our lives.

So, how do we C.A.R.E. for our group members who are moving to or from our community?


CRISIS – Understanding the Stress of Moving

Moving and buying a new home is not for the faint hearted, especially when there is a new job and a family involved. So, it’s helpful to understand the stress and emotions your group member may be experiencing with moving to show you care.

According to financial author, Laura Doolin, there are Five Emotional Stages of Moving, especially to a new city:

1. Excitement: I get to start over in a new place!
2. Terror: What am I doing?!
3. Doubt: Is this the right decision?
4. Apprehensive Enthusiasm: This will be a good thing (said repeatedly).
5. Acceptance: There’s no turning back – this is the best decision for me/us in this season.

APPLICATIONPractical Suggestions for Helping

LOOK – Realize your group member might be stressed about moving and may handle their stress differently than you do. They may be stressed if you notice any of these symptoms:

    • Fuzzy thinking or decision-making
    • High intensity at group
    • Physical exhaustion or illness
    • Loss of appetite or excessive eating, drinking, etc.

ASK – Sometimes our group members need help, they just don’t know hot to ask for it. So here are a few questions you can ask them:

    • What’s the latest with your move?
    • How can I support you this week?
    • Which day suits best to bring a meal for your family?
    • When is your moving day, and where do I show up to help? Or what night suits best for me to help you unpack some boxes?

LISTEN – Be available just to listen to your group member talk about the moving process, including their biggest stressors; avoiding telling stories about your own crazy moving experiences.


REFERENCEWhat Does the Bible Say About Helping Others?


ENGAGENext Steps For Engaging Your Group Member

OFFER any help you are able to give – at work or at home (projects, packing, garage-sales, meals, carpool, etc.)

WELCOME them if they are a new group member. Introduce them to others in the community. Invite them to lunch or connection events. Let them know you are available if they have questions or concerns as they adjust to their new environment.

CONNECT them to a new friend or new small group in your area or in the area where they are moving to or to a trusted moving/real estate service.

SHARE the link to listen to Hoboken Grace Online as a way to relieve stress.

SUGGEST your favorite places to shop, eat, go to school, find services, etc. if they are new to your area.

PRAY for your group member, for their family, and for their “new normal” as they move to a new home in a new area


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