The 2023 Hoboken Grace Christmas Exchange

What an amazing week at our 9th annual Christmas Exchange!! There was so much joy filling 409, from our donors dropping off their gifts to our volunteers to the families eagerly picking up their presents! It is so special being able to come together as a church family to love our community in this way, bringing joy to so many families during the Christmas season!

We had 367 volunteers throughout the week come and help, which was incredible to see! You could feel the excitement and eagerness of everyone who was there serving!

There were 473 donors and 1,213 children who received gifts!!

Check out some photos below from this year’s Christmas Exchange!


Our Bridge Events Team worked tirelessly over the last 10 weeks in making this whole event possible and they did an amazing job!! 400 bows and 18 google sheets later- and that’s a wrap on our 2023 Hoboken Grace Christmas Exchange! 

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