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The Feeling of Baptism

This past Baptism Sunday was held on Father’s Day and that made it even more special than usual. Each person who gets baptized has their own reasons for taking the step and with that comes an array of emotions that accompany the process. Sometimes the step can even be a gift for the friends and family who have been supporting and praying for us on the journey. That was the case this past Sunday, as a mother/daughter duo took the step together as a surprise Father’s Day gift for dad! 

We saw three people take the step of baptism on Sunday and we spoke to all three of them to hear about their story and what made them decide to get baptized. 


Susan- 9:30 Service Baptism

Story Team: What was the feeling like after you were baptized?

Susan: After my baptism I was so excited to begin my new journey in my faith. I was forming a closer relationship with Jesus. 

Story Team: Who was up there with you?

Susan: I was joined by my daughter Erin, her husband James, my grandchildren, and my dinner group

Story Team: What made you take the step of baptism?

Susan: Pastor Chris had talked about faith. He said something to the effect that no one is sure about their faith journey but by making the commitment first, it only helps your faith get stronger. 

Story Team: For another Hoboken Grace community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them?

Susan: I would say “go for it”. If you believe in Jesus why not just take the step? You might have doubts but this helps remove those doubts and make you feel even closer to Him.

Story Team: Anything else you’d like to share? 

Susan: I feel that Hoboken Grace has truly been a gift from God for me. Since I joined, I realized how God and Jesus have been instrumental in my life all along. My eyes have been opened to the blessings I receive every day!


Margarita and Leah- Mother & Daughter 11:00 am Service Baptisms 

Story Team: What was the feeling like after you were baptized? 

Margarita: I felt so much love and freedom! I was in a state of pure contentment and peace like nothing I can ever describe. When I came up from being under the water, everything was glowing and I felt God’s and Jesus’ presence in a very real way.

Leah: After I was baptized, I felt an ethereal feeling consume me, a feeling of security, happiness, and bliss as I knew that I was now fully devoted to the Lord. I felt secure in my faith and future. I know God has plans to prosper me and this was the first step in a journey full of thousands of steps to reach a plentiful and massive goal. 

Story Team: Who was up there with you? 

Margarita: My husband, daughter Leah, son, my mom and my mother-in-law. One of my dear friends Betsy, and my first couple’s dinner group members; Nancy, Kelvin, Fernanda and Justin, as well as my new dinner group members (women’s group) Eli and Bonita.

Leah: My mother Margarita, my father, my grandmothers, Diana, Elizabeth, Karen, and Cristina- my friends from the Mexico mission trip. 

Story Team: How was it as mother/daughter being baptized together and how did you pull off the Father’s Day surprise?!

Margarita: It was an added blessing, being baptized alongside my daughter. Once again God gave me a small glimpse of His glory and on Father’s Day! Once I shared the news of my baptism with Leah, she was eager and ready to take this journey, at that moment we decided how amazing it would be for Leah to surprise her father. We had to be a little tricky and plan around him, but it worked! Carmelo was so surprised and emotional; we were all emotional!

Leah: Being a mother/daughter baptism was amazing because I felt safe and solidarity taking this step with my mom as she influenced me to take this step to change for the better. In response to pulling this off, it was super difficult as I had to be surreptitious, secretive, and stealthy showing me that I’d make a pretty good actress or CIA agent!

Story Team: What made you take the step of baptism?

Margarita: I felt that Jesus wanted my obedience and I submitted to His will and got baptized. I was ready to make a public declaration of my faith. All the internal stuff has been in place for a long time, and in my heart, I knew it was time to take the next step. 

Leah: I took the step as a renewal and I wanted to establish a rapport with God and get out of my comfort zone in order to feel comfortable in getting to know Him better. 

Story Team: For another Hoboken Grace community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them? 

Margarita: Everyone’s experience is different of course and it is not always the same for everyone but regardless, you won’t regret it! Taking the next step to me seals the commitment that you are ready to grow, learn, and love Jesus. For me, it will be one of the most memorable spiritual experiences ever.

Leah: I would say that this step, although it may feel like a leap, is a beautiful thing. It will make you feel secure and have reassurance by reminding you how great He is and what He is doing in your life. 

Story Team: Anything else you’d like to share? 

Margarita: I truly believe that God granted just a sliver of His glory that day. Of course, I missed Pastor High that day, but being there with Anthony was so special having him present next to me, meant so much. Hoboken Grace has helped me grow in this journey and the feeling of family warms my heart when I think about all that Hoboken Grace Church means to me. The consistent support is immeasurable.

Leah: I’d like to share that this was probably the best Father’s Day gift ever, so my apologies to my siblings for making this pretty hard to top haha!


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