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Top 5 Steps to Take in 2016

One of the great things about the new year is that it gives us a chance to reset. It gives us a chance to adjust our course and set our sights on where it is we want to be and who we want to become. Unfortunately, we often think of this in professional, relational and physical terms, but neglect our spiritual development. This year, set your course early as you engage this journey with Christ. Decide today to experience, love and honor Him in new ways. Here are five powerful tools to help you do just that.


1. Join a Dinner Group

It’s a fact — you will grow more if you are pursuing Christ with others who are pursuing Christ than if you walk alone. This January all of our groups reset for 2016. This is the perfect time to get connected. Groups are critical in our growth and help keep us consistent, while protecting against a self-centered journey.

2. Begin our Bible Reading Plan

This year God doesn’t want you to read His mind about His plan for you, but He does want you to read His word. It’s almost impossible to experience His direction without consistently interacting with His word. Sign up today for our daily bible reading plan and read through the New Testament again with us this year.

3. Attend Intro to Impact

Did you know that we have a class here at Hoboken Grace designed to introduce you to what it means to serve as part of God’s family? It’s a one-hour class at the beginning of each month, and it not only informs you of opportunities to serve, it walks you through what it means to worship in service. This year don’t just join a team, begin experiencing God through service. Register here for Intro to Impact this January.

4. Register for Amplify

Every year as Amplify approaches, people tell us how upset they are that they aren’t going to be able to make it. They have something else planned and can’t be there. Don’t let that happen to you this year. Amplify is a must in our pursuit of Christ together. Register today for May 21st, add it to your calendar, and  you’ll be part of this growth opportunity with us.

5. Become a Member

We become what we’re committed to. Many of you have been journeying with us for a while, but haven’t yet taken the step of commitment. Membership is important not because it provides us with a status, but because it’s a covenant that we make with one another about how we’re going to journey together in this mission. This year, make the commitment. If you’ve taken Core, you can join at any time. If you haven’t, Core is offered on the first Sunday of every month. Decide that this is the year you’ll commit and become a member.

What steps will you take? How will you set your course for 2016 on this journey with Christ? We’re excited to be on this journey together, and we’re excited to see what God’s going to do as we pursue Him in these ways and many more!

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