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What Did You Learn At Grace Kids Today?

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With Grace Kids moving to the fourth floor at 301 Garden last week, it’s an exciting time for the program! The additional space means there will be way better activities and creative opportunities to support our children’s faith and learning. At Grace Kids, we’re not the type of Sunday School you might remember yourself from childhood! It’s an engaging and developmentally appropriate environment that will have your kids excited to share everything they learned when they get home.

The story team recently sat down with Jessica and Adam who have had their children in Grace Kids for seven years!

What does Grace Kids mean to you and your family?

Grace Kids has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives. Our children have attended for over 7 years and it has played a huge part in the foundation of their faith.

What do you think of the Grace Kids teachers and staff?

The people who serve week after week, month after month and year after year have truly given their time and talents for our kids. Because of them, our kids have a consistent, safe, and spiritually engaging place to be every week.

How has this impacted your children and their faith?

Over the years they have developed personal relationships so that these teachers can really serve as a trusted 3rd voice in their lives. This has given them confidence in their faith which allows them to be a light to their friends at school, at sports, and to their family.

What is a cool Grace Kids story you’d like to share?

Our son came home from church one day and told us how he and his teacher prayed together because they both had grandmas who were sick at the time. This meant so much to him and later that night at dinner he prayed for his teacher’s grandmother. What a blessing to witness him connecting with his teacher and learning how to be a prayer warrior!

What excites you about Grace Kids moving forward?

We are so excited for Grace Kids to move back to the 4th floor at 301 Garden. We know that extra space and dedicated rooms for the different age groups will allow for more intentional interaction. That means so much to developing and deepening the relationships and faith they have.

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