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The Home Response Plan

The Home Initiative is already actively engaging our community. See how your commitment is allowing us to respond with love right now!

For thirteen years God has used Hoboken Grace to help people find home. Thousands have been introduced to the reality that they are welcome in our home, and they’ve been welcomed home by the greatest Father they could have ever imagined. God has used us in amazing ways to draw people to Himself.

One year ago we made the decision to follow Him in expanding our ability to welcome our community home. We’re here to stay, and we’re ensuring that for years to come those who live along this waterfront have a place where they can experience Jesus’ love, hear Jesus’ message, and find their home in Him!

The time has come for Hoboken Grace to further put down roots and establish a place for people to find home for generations to come.

Listen as Pastor Chris introduces the vision that we believe God has called us to as we enter The Home Initiative! Vision night was a powerful experience that set our course and laid the foundation for a journey that would forever change us. As we reach the mid-point of our journey we’ve seen just how true that would be.

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As we enter The Home Initiative it’s crucial to understand that we are looking to establish a space from which we can love. We aren’t looking to build another church building, but rather a community center. It’s our dream to see graduations, concerts, seminars, weddings, birthdays and more held in this space shared by our community! Flip through the photos of how one of our partner churches has done just that.

The Home Initiative is a two year generosity journey. It is our goal to expand our generosity from our current level, $6 million over two years, to $12 million over two years.

Mid-point commitments are 12 month commitments not two year commitments. We invite you to be part of the second year of this incredible journey!

Yes, we are prepared to accept both stock donations as well as asset donations. Please contact vinny@hobokengrace.com to initiate those types of transactions.

No. All donations are part of The Home Initiative. Our goal includes our current giving, which means all giving goes to one fund.

Yes! We are under contract to purchase a building located at 409-415 14th Street in Hoboken. The building was previously vacated by a movie theater and our plans ensure that the space will continue to welcome and benefit the city. Nonprofits and other community partners will be able to operate from the space and a range of church and non-church events will take place throughout every week! 

Our team would love to answer any questions that you have. Feel free to email jean@hobokengrace.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We encourage you to consider what your total commitment is, then divide by how often you give and set up a regular pattern of giving towards The Home Initiative. The Lord may lead you to be generous in additional ways as you go, so remain open to His leading moving forward.

Yes! Give in the menu of this page to enroll in online giving or go to hobokengrace.com/give. We also have other options for giving. The traditional way is to drop your checks or cash gifts off each week following our services using the giving envelope (found on the side of the giving boxes on Sunday). Giving via text message and mobile giving using our Hoboken Grace mobile app is also available. Additionally, you can use your bank’s online bill pay tools, which is convenient and typically free to you and the church. Go to hobokengrace.com/give to learn more about each of these options.

We will provide periodic updates to all of our Home Initiative givers. Currently, our series is set to launch on February 9th. Please keep praying for our entire family as we engage this together.

Yes! The Home Initiative was crafted with you in mind. The Home Initiative is a one-fund generosity initiative, meaning it is different from a traditional capital campaign where you are called to give an extra gift above and beyond your normal giving. The Home Initiative is a call to sacrificial generosity for everyone. If you have never given before, this is your chance to get in the game! Get started now! Make your commitment at thehomeintiative.com.

We believe the local church has the most compelling mission to which we can give our lives. We would love for you to make Hoboken Grace your church home as we bring hope to our world through The Home Initiative. You can get started by joining us for NEXT, our quick introductory class held after each service every Sunday. In this 15-minute overview, you will learn more about who we are as a church and how to get connected. To learn more about Hoboken Grace, go to hobokengrace.com.

During this two-year period, every dollar given to The Home Initiative is a contribution toward the initiative. This means that everything—including our general ministry budget, our local and global mission work, and our expansion project—is being fueled by The Home Initiative. There is no designated giving.

If you are currently making payments to eliminate debt, we commend you for your progress on this important goal. You should continue to do so. If we can help you on the journey to become debt-free, please let us know. Hoboken Grace offers biblically-based budget counseling, financial planning resources and a financial course called Financial Peace University

Being in debt doesn’t eliminate our opportunity to give, however. Giving isn’t about what God wants from you, but what he wants for you. God instructs us to find a way to give with joy at all times, regardless of our circumstances. Please contact us if you would like to speak with a budget counselor. 

Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give toward the The Home Initiative. You might have stocks, property, or another form of stored resources with which God has blessed you and from which he might be prompting you to give. If you need assistance facilitating gifts of property or stock, please contact vinny@hobokengrace.com.


We know your desire was to be obedient and stretch your faith as you made your commitment. If a personal or financial hardship changes your circumstances to a point where you’re unable to fulfill your commitment, then take the extra time as needed, Please, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d be honored to offer you prayer and counsel at any time.

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