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Pajama Jam Recap 2023

This past Sunday, we celebrated one of the cutest Sundays of the year- our Grace Kid’s Pajama Jam! Having lost an hour of sleep on daylight savings, we wanted to make the morning easier for our families. So we invited them to bring their kids in their pajamas for a morning of fun at Grace Kids! We celebrated in many special ways including sleepover-themed games, crafts, and a ton of fun activities.

From dinosaurs, to donuts, to Frozen- the kids were excited to come comfy and show off their favorite pajamas! Our Grace Kids teachers also had on special pajama shirts to join in on the fun! They quickly forgot about the hour of sleep we lost after seeing the smiles and excitement on the kid’s faces as they walked through the door wearing their pjs!

As the kids entered their classrooms, they were eager to get started on their first craft of the day- a paper lantern with cutout stars that they were given to decorate with markers and a lot of stickers!! They had a blast and were also given a mini fake candle to put inside, which added extra excitement as they saw their lanterns light up.

In addition to our crafts, we also had board games, lots of books, and a short movie!

Some of the kids got to enjoy toilet paper roll races–(that we recommended not to try at home!)

There was a lot of laughter that filled up our Clubhouse classrooms (Kindergarten through 5th grade), as the kids all played charades together!

Even our babies & crawlers classroom were able to join in on the fun!

We ended the day by sending the kids home with their crafts and a goodie bag of popcorn!

It was also an awesome opportunity for kids to invite their friends and experience Grace Kids for the first time! We loved being able to welcome in our first-time families and share more about Hoboken Grace and Grace Kids. It was also special because we handed out our Easter invites for the first time, which was an awesome opportunity to reach new families and invite them to one of the biggest celebrations of the year- Easter!

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