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Dinner Groups have always been the core of Hoboken Grace. Every Dinner Group is made up of common people, gathered at a common table, pursuing a common goal.

Dinner Groups are a gathering of 8-12 adults who meet weekly to discuss and apply Sunday’s conversation. People who attend Dinner Groups will come from different careers, backgrounds, and stages of life but over a shared meal they find common ground.

In a Dinner Group you will find a place to get connected and grow spiritually. Dinner Group is the place where you start to work out how Sunday’s conversation applies to your life. This is the place you begin to take your next step of faith surrounded by a community of authentic people.

Whether it is in the way you are cared for or how you care for others, the struggles you will walk through, or the parties you throw, it is here that you will experience family. In a Dinner Group, you can find a place to belong.

Ready to find a seat at the table? Find a Dinner Group that fits your schedule or start one of your own.

Need help? Email dinnergroups@hobokengrace.com

New Dinner Groups will be starting the week of September 9th and this fall we have a powerful focus.

Most of us live our lives intentioned for impact. We live wanting to love those around us well. We want to help those in need, but the reality is, while we may be intentioned for impact we’re far from positioned for impact. Whether it’s that we’re living paycheck to paycheck, drowning in debt, or simply on a different page financially than our spouse, we simply aren’t positioned to help the people we want to help and live the lives we want to live. What if that could change?

What if money doesn’t have to make life and relationships harder? What if the answer isn’t always more? What if you had a solid plan for the future that you actually followed? Join us this fall as we engage our finances from a new perspective. Join us as we pursue true financial freedom in our groups this fall!

Group sign-ups will be open soon, and in the meantime you can learn more about this fall by clicking below.

Be Rich

Dinner Groups are for everyone! Dinner Groups are attended by adults of all ages, races, and life stages. We also have dinner groups for high school and middle school students.

Growth occurs most rapidly when done in community. Our Dinner Groups Director, Nick, wrote a helpful post that outlines 5 Reasons to Sign Up For A Dinner Group.

NO, you do not have to make a long-term commitment. We have both 10-week groups and groups that meet throughout the year.

All of our Dinner Groups meet with the same purpose in mind and consist of individuals of various ages and life stages. We encourage you to pick a night where you can be the most consistent.

You will not be the only new person in your group. Dinner Groups are always open by enrollment or invitation, so we have new members joining groups all the time. However, if you want to join a brand new group, short term Dinner Groups are a great option for you.

All you need to prepare for Dinner Group is to listen to Sunday’s conversation before the group meets. Your group leader will let you know if they would like you to bring along food, drinks, or anything else. 

Our only co-ed groups are for couples in a committed relationship. Because Dinner Group members share about their personal lives, it is important for group to be a safe, confidential place. When talking about personal details, members are willing to share more in a same-sex context.

You are welcome to attend whatever group works best for you. The advantage of a couples Dinner Group is the ability to meet other couples in our area. The advantage of a Men’s or Women’s Dinner Group is that you will have a wide range of members in diverse life stages.

No, a Dinner Group is not a Bible Study in the traditional sense. Dinner Groups are designed for us to not only hear God’s Word, but to apply what we are learning together. Bible Studies, which focus on understanding the books of the Bible and learning tools to study scripture on your own, are not meant to take the place of a Dinner Group. If you are a member of Hoboken Grace and are interested in enrolling in a Bible Study, you can find more information about that here.

Unfortunately, we do not have any groups that offer child care. Most of our groups meet in the evening in small city apartments which makes providing child care challenging. If you would like to consider leading a group that provides childcare, please submit your information here.

When first trying out Dinner Groups, you are welcome to attend multiple groups to get a feel for the group dynamics. After a few weeks, we encourage members to commit to one group where they can invest and attend consistently.

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