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Teams Night: It’s Time

Week in and week out, hundreds of people who call Hoboken Grace home invest their time, talents, and treasures to make Sunday morning happen and keep the conversation and community strong all week long.

And every few months, our church family sets aside a Friday evening for a special night of worship, prayer and reflection for the people who serve — Teams Night.

“Teams Night for me is time,” says Dana, Arts Director and Worship Leader at Hoboken Grace. “It’s time to slow down, to tune in to what God has for us, and to tune in to the people around us that we serve with every week.”

For Daniel Sanchez, a guitarist and leader on the Worship Team, it’s an opportunity to “get deeply intimate with God.”

Teams Night creates the space for the heart and soul of the church to rest well in order to love well — to reflect and to respond to what God is doing in and around us. It’s a time to meet with God, and to see how He is working in us individually, through our teams and as a church as a whole. It’s time to celebrate and be motivated and encouraged together.

“That’s an incredibly powerful thing to have happen and be a part of — coming together under one roof at one time and worshiping God for all He is and all He’s done,” says Dana.



That feeling of unity is also meaningful to Lee Denaro, another leader on the Worship Team.

“Worship at Teams Night feels so collective between every person inside that auditorium — on and off the stage,” he says. “It’s that feeling of being a part of a singular voice being pointed towards God as we worship Him together that gives me such joy and energy during every Teams Night.”

While Teams Night exists to bring together those who serve each week, it’s also an opportunity to consider where you can invest your time, talents and treasures if you’re not serving, and to consider your next step. It’s a place to get a glimpse of how God is using more than two dozen teams, and to reflect on how He can use your gifts as well.

In the busy world we live in, mapped out by schedules and meetings, tasks and due dates, our own personal plans and goals, time may sometimes appear to be working against us. But when we pause to zoom out and see the bigger picture, we can take a deep breath and see that God is using that time to work in us — in our own lives, on our teams, in our groups and as a church as a whole.

Join us for Teams Night on February 5th, 8 p.m. at 301 Garden St.

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