All-Team… Cuddle?

An email came into my inbox from Rachel, Hoboken Grace’s Communications Director. The subject line was “This Sunday!” The message read: “Summer is in full swing and what better way to celebrate our team than to have ice cream . . . for our all-team huddle.”

For almost a year, I’ve been enjoying working on the church’s website — writing for the blog, and in particular getting to know the other writers on the Writing Team. They are bright, witty, professional and sometimes offer spontaneous punch lines for each other’s stories. The writers and those who serve on the other Communications teams (Photo, Web, Video and Social Media) get together for monthly meetings, which usually start with a team-building activity. But since it was the carefree month of July, in my mind the notice was inviting us to “Our All-Team Cuddle.”

I looked forward to the special “cuddle meeting” for several days before realizing my mistake. No, we didn’t actually have a big group hug – writers can be a little introverted. But my slip of the ear revealed how much affection I have for this group.

So if you are looking for a place to serve at Hoboken Grace, where there is fun, friendship and good storytelling, consider joining the Communications Team. There might not be group hugs, but there is a lot of love and laughter to go around.

Barbara is a member of the Writing Team.

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