What’s Your Next Step?

At Hoboken Grace, we recognize that faith is about a journey, not a destination. Regardless of where you’re headed, journeys require constant movement — putting one foot in front of the other. They involve a charge forward toward the next mile marker, then the mile marker after that. Journeying with God requires constant advancement, too. And now it’s easier than […]

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Creating Real Community

When I moved to this city five years ago, I was newly engaged, diving into my fiance’s existing network of friends and church family in Hoboken. Seven hundred miles away, I left behind an amazing community of friends and a church I loved. As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building new friendships, but starting from scratch […]

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Baptized: A Mother and Son’s Journey

Barbara is a single mother of two, and Jordan, her youngest, has decided to follow in his mom's footsteps. “Jordan and I are very close and are extremely similar," explains Barbara. "He is in the high honors class and gifted and talented program in school. He wants to be a lawyer when he gets older."

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Taking the Initiative to Care

Thanks to the initiative of one teenager, more than 14,000 hospitalized kids in over 150 countries have received handmade cards filled with words of encouragement, support and love. Last month, our Clubhouse kids became part of the movement to spread hope as they crafted cards and learned about taking the initiative to care for others. It’s all part of our lesson […]

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Simply Serving

Simple Service connects people to people in a natural, easy and low-risk way. Who doesn’t like being handed an ice-cold bottle of water on a swelteringly hot day? Or getting a free granola bar on those mornings when there is no time for breakfast? It’s one of the most powerful ways we can love our city. And it allows us […]

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Amplify – Register Now And Save $10

On Sunday, October 24th, accelerate your growth in a powerful way! Experience a one-day event designed to boost your faith and your pursuit of Christ by equipping you to move forward in specific areas of personal growth. Registration cost is now $20 for a limited time. The cost will go up to $30 on October 11th. Lunch will be provided! […]

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Making Meaningful Connections

Whether you’re a part of Grace Kids, First Impressions or any other team, serving together allows us to use our talents to build relationships while loving others. Our teams are also a great foundation on which to establish the pillars of healthy community: sacrifice, risk and investment.

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God Will Take Care Of Me!

This month, it’s time to visit the We Care Pet Shop where we care for your pets and your kiddos! Our team has had so much fun planning this month. It’s full of dogs and frogs and birds and mice! Oh my! Your kids are sure to have fun, but more importantly, they are sure to learn about caring and […]

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Clubhouse Update!

When you walk into a room and you look around, do you notice what you need to notice? Have you ever wondered why there are some people who can see things that other people just don’t see? It seems like some people just have this knack for looking around a room and noticing things that others don’t. Maybe they notice […]

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