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6 Ways to Invite Someone To Dinner Group

More than half of the guys in John’s dinner group didn't join by signing up online, as some people do. They're guys he simply met and invited. “They’ll joke around, like, oh yeah, this guy tried to get me for six months before I finally joined a group,” John says. But even when it’s a joke, there’s also some truth [...]

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Make an impact. Jump in!

If you have attended or listened to any of the services this past month, then you know that Team Link is fast approaching. What is Team Link? I’m glad you asked! Team Link is a chance for anyone looking to get a little more involved at Hoboken Grace and connected to a team that will best use your gifts and […]

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Make an Impact

1Day Hoboken is right around the corner. It is an amazing day when we join together to spread love to different organizations and people all over our city. Then, at the end, we get a chance to celebrate everything amazing that God did in just one day! If you are like me, a few years ago, you might like the […]

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Making a lasting Impression

One of the most meaningful ways that we get to be a part of our community is by serving and caring for our friends and neighbors. When someone walks through the door at Hoboken Grace or attends one of our events, we want them to feel like they are home, and that’s exactly what Annie felt when she first visited […]

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Blockbuster Stories

From a very young age, I was a gigantic film buff. Not a weekend went by where I didn’t see a movie in the theater or rent one with my friends after riding our bikes to the town Blockbuster. Yes, Blockbuster was still around in my youth. (I’m young, but not THAT young!) While I still love the entertainment value […]

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A Day in the Life: Millie’s Story

One of the great ways our church has been able to stay connected and involved with the community during quarantine and social distancing is by posting “A Day in the Life” videos. If you aren’t familiar with this online series, it’s where Pastor Chris interviews somebody in the church family about their current situation during the ongoing pandemic. We thought […]

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Face Time (In Real Life)

Since March, social distancing has forced us to live life over Zoom, FaceTime, email and snail mail (for those of us who are REALLY bored). It hasn’t stopped us from participating in connection events, but the events had to be online. Online connection events are fun and enjoyable, but nothing beats seeing each other face-to-face. On June 28th our community […]

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Putting Things Into Place

The last three months have been one of the longest periods of continuous transitioning I’ve ever experienced in my life. When the pandemic hit, I was forced to work from home, then I experienced the unexpected loss of my father to COVID-19, found myself in a new relationship, and inherited a big, slobbery Saint Bernard named Mia. Everything about my […]

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Take a Day

Have you ever had the feeling that you could be experiencing more of God? It’s this nudge inside of you that suggests there’s more. Sometimes it comes while you are listening to Pastor Chris speak or watching people get baptized or listening to a worship song or sharing with a dinner group friend. Perhaps there is no nudge. There is only unrest. A weekend away [...]

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Five Tips If You’re Struggling to Develop Rhythms

Every month we talk about incorporating rhythms into our lives in order to engage with God throughout the day. But new habits don’t develop overnight. We often must first acknowledge and embrace the disabilities that keep us from hearing how God is speaking into our lives. Here are five guidelines [...]

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The Open Door

After moving to the area, Justin and Fernanda felt disconnected from their new community. What helped change that, they say, was helping others adjust to their own new surroundings. They began volunteering with The Open Door, a nonprofit organization focused on strengthening communities and immigrant families.

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At a Crossroads with Drugs and/or Alcohol?

Can you relate to any of the following? You decided to try living clean/sober again and really want to make it stick this time. You're concerned though as past strategies haven’t worked so you are willing to try something new.  You are recently clean/sober and are interested in expanding the [...]

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