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PORTRAITS: Love for the Days in Between

“I couldn’t understand," says Luisa. "How could God do this to me? How could He do this to my kids? Was it punishment? What did I do? How could He take Neil away? We had just had a baby.” People told Luisa to cling to her faith after her husband died, but that just made her angrier. She wanted nothing to do with God. If God cared about her heart He wouldn’t have broken it, she thought. She went from desperate anger to having nothing to say to Him.

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Parenting’s Dreaded Conversations

His thumb-sucking picked up the pace and his long eyelashes were blinking too quickly. "I don’t want Papa to die.” That moment when your child innocently exposes your inner monologue. He had overheard us talking. My dad is battling an aggressive meningioma. That’s a fancy way of saying brain tumor. It’s malignant. Cancer. Despite the best care in the country, the tumor was growing again.

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It Takes a Village

Parents are invited to participate in the Baby Dedications offered twice a year. The next one is coming up and will be held on Sunday, October 16th. In preparation of the dedication, parents come together to talk about what it looks like to make a commitment to raise their children to know Christ.

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