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It Takes a Village

Parents are invited to participate in the Baby Dedications offered twice a year. The next one is coming up and will be held on Sunday, October 16th. In preparation of the dedication, parents come together to talk about what it looks like to make a commitment to raise their children to know Christ.

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The Easter Egg Hunt That Changed Everything

For Shanta, Hoboken Grace’s annual Easter Egg Hunt brings her family together to share in the excitement of the event, but also to discuss the true meaning of Easter. Each spring after moving to Cliffside Park four years ago, Shanta looked for a fun, inexpensive Easter activity for her children but found nothing in their neighborhood. Then, two years ago, […]

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TEAMS: Crafting Fun with the Little Steps Teachers

Teams is a monthly series that celebrates the talent and impact of various groups at Hoboken Grace. Peer into the Little Steps classroom on any Sunday morning and you’ll find toddlers molding Play-Doh into pyramids, tracing handprints and coloring scenes from the Bible. Patient teachers kneel alongside them, teaching them about Jesus, praising their work, sharing stickers and catching runaway […]

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Taking the Initiative to Care

Thanks to the initiative of one teenager, more than 14,000 hospitalized kids in over 150 countries have received handmade cards filled with words of encouragement, support and love. Last month, our Clubhouse kids became part of the movement to spread hope as they crafted cards and learned about taking the initiative to care for others. It’s all part of our lesson […]

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Clubhouse Update!

When you walk into a room and you look around, do you notice what you need to notice? Have you ever wondered why there are some people who can see things that other people just don’t see? It seems like some people just have this knack for looking around a room and noticing things that others don’t. Maybe they notice […]

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Celebrating Kimberly!

This week we’re celebrating a little victory that’s making a big difference in the way one of our families is experiencing God. For over a month now, Julia has been bringing her daughter, Kimberly, to our Handprints class. But it has been a challenge. No matter how welcoming the teachers and other kids were, Kimberly just didn’t want to stay. […]

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