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Series: Win

In the game of life we all want to win, but often the battles are confusing and we aren’t even sure who or what we’re fighting. It’s time to get clarity in how we can actually begin to win. Join us as we explore how God is preparing us to win. This summer it’s time to start winning!

Baby Dedication

Join us as we celebrate the little ones God has brought into our family and commit to do all we can to ensure that they know His love!   Watch the full livestream recordings of the 9:30, 11:00 & 12:30 services on our Livestream page.

Series: A Grown Up Love

No one wants a childish relationship, but we continue to hold on to childish ideas of love. A grown up love is built on a grown up understanding of how we give and receive love. Join us this spring as we allow God to break down some of our childish ideas of love and replace them with a grown up […]

Series: Easter

Easter message is based on John 12:24, we are so afraid of loss and death, but life is born out of death. It’s when we let go of what we cling to that we actually begin to live. You have to die to live, die to the life that’s decaying and come alive to the life you were created for.

The Great Ambassador

As the Great Ambassador He entered Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday. He came to change the way they forever understood His Father. He came to change forever how they understood love. He carried His Father’s name, and calls us to do the same.


The Scriptures call us to have unity, but unity in what? It’s been an interesting year to live in America. We have seen friendships and churches divided. Through this climate, who are we supposed to be unified with and what are we supposed to be unified in? Join us for what may be the most important conversation we have all […]

Series: Direction

So much of our thoughts are consumed by our future. What’s next? Where am I going? Am I prepared? What if you didn’t have to live that way? What if there was a way to find peace about your future? Join us as we look at the freedom and peace God wants to bring into your life concerning “Direction”!

Series: Story

How your ever wondered how your story, the stories of the past, and God’s story fit together? By learning to tell your story, and by listening to others, we have the potential to change our lives, if you let it happen.

Series: Legacy

In a world where so much of what we do is insignificant, how can we live a life that leaves a powerful legacy?  How can we live lives of true lasting significance?  

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