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Series: When Life Crumbles

Most of us live our lives constantly anxious about the lives we lead. We’re either worried about life crumbling or we’re worried about how to escape the crumbling situation we find ourselves already in. Anxiety has become our new norm, and we have no idea how to escape. What if there was someone who learned how to escape anxiety? What […]


We’ve heard it all, from “I’m married” to “I have a dog” to “I’m moving.” We struggle to connect serving to the bigger picture of what God wants for us. How does God see our role in the Church today?


We hate being wrong. We hate being told we’re wrong even more. There’s a dangerous problem growing in our culture today regarding correction. How do we interact with correction and what does God say about it?

Pre-Party of the Year!

Hoboken Grace turns eleven years old this week!  Pastor Chris talks about what God’s grace actually means and how it ties into our story for the past eleven years.

Series: Vision

We all have a vision for who we are becoming. We have a mental image of who we are working to be. We know how we want people to see and interact with us. We know how we want them to speak of us. We have a vision and that vision impacts almost every decision we make. Unfortunately that vision […]

Series: Christmas at Hoboken Grace 2018

There are few holidays where we long for home like Christmas. This December, join us as we celebrate the one who left home behind to bring us back home to the family we always wished we had!

Series: Seen

Sometimes when we hear the name “missionary” we think of going to a faraway country to build houses and serve the poor. What if it was more than that? What if we actually had the ability to change not only lives but the world? Join us for a powerful conversation as we see what it really means to let our light shine and be seen.

Dedicated to His Story

Every day we make a choice about the story we will live for.  Some of us live for the story of family, some career, some wealth, but God has invited us to something larger, something far more significant.

Series: Be Rich

What if money doesn’t have to make life and relationships harder? What if the answer isn’t always more? What if you had a solid plan for the future that you actually followed? Join as we engage our finances from a new perspective. Join us as we pursue true financial freedom!

Series: This Crazy Book

Have you ever sat down to read the Bible and felt intimidated? Have you ever wondered, “Where do I start?” Have you ever felt you had no idea how to understand what you just read? You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be like that. For the next six weeks we’re going to read through the beginning of Acts […]

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