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There are few who have had their message hijacked the way Jesus has. So much has been said of Him, but who was He really?

Series: Freedom

For so many of us we live our lives chained to things that we can’t let go of or things that won’t let go of us. Life is happening to us, but we don’t feel alive. We want to be free, but we can’t. What if Jesus could actually change that? What if He came to bring the freedom we […]

10th Birthday Celebration!

What can God do? It’s a question we’ve asked for 10 years. It’s an answer we couldn’t have imagined.

Series: Don’t Laugh

We’ve been told we can pray to God. We often yell at God. We may cry with God. We ask God for things. We may even consult God about our questions, but is it possible to enjoy God? Join us for a conversation about the one who created laughter, the one whose birth was to bring “JOY.” Maybe He’s not […]

Series: Christmas at Hoboken Grace

This Christmas you’re invited to a celebration of the incredible ways in which God has pursued and loved every one of us!

Series: Heroes

We grow up wanting to live heroic lives. We strive for greatness. We long to know that our lives matter in some way, but somewhere along the way we give up. What if we could actually live lives that are celebrated eternally? What if we’ve misunderstood the heroic life and in the process we’re missing our chance? Join us as […]

Series: Stuck at Work

We want to live lives that leave the world a better place, but then we go to work. We sit at a desk and wonder if we’re accomplishing anything of lasting significance at all. What do we do with work? It’s time to get unstuck.

Series: Rest

When was the last time you actually experienced rest? When was the last time you felt rested? To a world on the brink of exhaustion, Jesus says He brings rest. What if He actually can?

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