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Media Resources

Series: True Story

Sometimes sharing the reality of what Christ has done in our lives is overwhelming. How do I help them see the true story of what’s happened in my life?

Same Church

How will you lean in?

New Church

As we engage the mission, in this season – what’s next?

The Miraculous

Series: Pause

In a world moving at the speed of light the idea of rest has become foreign to us. It’s not that we don’t pursue it. We spend our life chasing it. We visit the most relaxing places on the planet, invest in the most relaxing technologies, and yet it is illusive. There is one who knows the secret to rest. […]

Series: Dating Apps

Journey with us as we seek to apply six core principles of God’s love that significantly shift how we pursue and engage relationships!

Series: Adulting

One of the most intriguing aspects of God is that He creates everything to grow. It’s created as less than it can become, not with the intention of staying there, but with the intention of becoming more. It’s in that process of growth that it realizes both it’s potential and it’s full purpose.

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