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Find Love – Don’t Settle

This week, we continue our discussion on God’s plan for finding love as the story begins to heat up.

Find Love – The Right Places

Join us as we continue the story of Ruth and discuss the importance of character and the role it plays in relationships. Below is the list of character traits referenced in the podcast: Courage, honesty, reliability, vision, integrity, respect, endurance, generosity, perseverance, compassion, commitment, enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, humility, patience, loyalty, forgiving

Find Love – The Search Begins

Why is it that so many stories of destruction and restoration begin with, “I met this girl…” or “Then I met this guy…”? Is there anything in our lives that has as much potential for good and bad as our pursuit of love? This week we begin our conversation about that journey, and we begin to discover the path God […]



At a time when gods were numerous, one God decided to set himself apart. One God decided to use people to show that He was the one true God. One God decided to change everything we believed about gods, and he decided to do it through people. This week we look at this God and how he is continuing to […]

More – You Don’t Need Less, You Need More

This week we begin a new series titled, “More”.  Join us as we debunk the myth that we need less to be content.  The truth is we need more, but what we need more of may surprise you.

Vision 2011

Join us this week as we stop to thank God for what he has done in our lives, our church, and our city.  We also look to the future and learn how there are three lies that we must be wary of if we are to continue to grow in our experience of God.

Destinations – Broken Dreams

This week we learn from the life of David that God is able to repair our broken dreams.

Destinations – Attention Deficit Disorder

You may have noticed that whatever captures your attention usually determines your direction.  Join us this week as we consider how this principle applies to our lives.

Destinations – Lean Not

Knowledge does not necessarily translate into good decisions.  This week we see in Proverbs a passage that reminds us to put our trust in God rather than our own understanding.

Destinations – Looking Ahead

This week in our “Directions” series we consider our need to keep looking forward while on our journey.  God shows us that his word, much like a flashlight, lights our path and helps us to see blessings and dangers ahead.

Destinations – The Path Principle

Join us this we as we kick off our “Destinations” series.  Each week will be examining the principle of the path in different areas of our lives.  We invite you to join us as we learn together that “it is not our intention but our direction that determines our destination”.


As we get set to launch into our fall series we take a chance to remind ourselves of our need to give up control. Our hope is found in the power of God’s Spirit in our lives. Join us a we remember to surrender control to our faithful God.


We are so excited to celebrate two baptisms today. The act of baptism is a perfect compliment to today’s message on duplication. Join us as we focus on three important relationships that direct us in our spiritual growth.

Guardrails: Once and for All

In the final week of our guardrails series we look at the story of Daniel where we see the amazing results of a life with effective guardrails in place.

Guardrails: Flee Baby Flee!

This week we examine our need for guardrails in the area of sexual intimacy. As people who are loved and valued by God we are compelled to honor him with our bodies. Join us as we look at some ways both married and single people alike can begin to establish guardrails in our relationships.

Guardrails: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

We are all influenced by the people closest to us. This week we look at how our friends can influence our decisions in both good and bad ways. Join us as we consider five ways that we can begin to develop guardrails in our friendships.


Join us this week for the first installment of our Guardrails series. Throught this series we will learn about the necessity for boundaries in life, and we’ll consider how we can apply the guardrail principle in every aspect of our lives.

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