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Series: His Church

The ministry of Jesus Christ launched a movement that today we call the Church. He called us into faith, hope and love unlike anything the world had ever seen, but there has also been tension. From the very first days of the Church there were those who wanted to twist the message of Jesus Christ to accomplish their own mission. […]

Series: Gifted

There are many voices that can tell us that we are not special and only meant to be ordinary – to settle for less or play it safe. We start looking for a calling and for a proper fit, but life squashes that hope. But there is a voice deep within that says: There’s got to be more than this. […]

Series: Payout

Have you ever looked back with amazement at the lasting effects one single decision has made in your life? Whether good or bad every decision we make has a consequence. The consequences from these decisions can follow us the rest of our lives. One of the greatest principles of life is that decisions do not simply impact the moment in […]

Series: Bedrock

Whether you’re single, dating, or married we all understand the value of family. We often make the mistake of believing that family is only those we are related to or married to. We also make the mistake of believing that we begin building family when we finally find that right person. The truth is, you can experience a healthy family […]

Series: Timelines

Every year we walk into January with a renewed idea of what our lives should look like over the next 12 months. We Set our sights on telling this story…sometimes we’re successful. sometimes we’re not. But our stories do not stand alone. Our stories exist within a context. They are intertwined with millions of other stories that have come before […]

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