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It’s Personal – A Personal Journey II

Join us this week for the second half of our “A Personal Journey” message. This week we look at some practical ways we can learn to love God.

Father’s Day – Influencing Others

As we celebrate Father’s Day we remember the influence that our fathers have in our lives.  We all have influence on those around us at different levels and this week we consider three ways we can use our influence to show people who God is.

The Philanthropist – Prepared

Join us for our final week of “The Philanthropist” as we study the story of the good Samaritan.  We see how faith and planning work together to prepare us to give as God calls us to give.

The Philanthropist – Act

Action is an essential part of following Jesus.  This week we look at people in our community and in our church that are choosing to follow Jesus on a daily basis.

The Philanthropist – React

As we continue our look into the story of the good Samaritan we consider that perhaps the story is not asking us as a first step to become the good Samaritan.  Rather, Jesus wants us to realize we are the man in the ditch.  Only then by the power of the resurrection can we move from spiritual victims to good […]

The Philanthropist – Aware

This week we look at the story of the good Samaritan.  We hear Jesus ask us the question, “Who in this story was a neighbor to the injured man”? , and we seek to become more aware of who our neighbor really is.

Becoming Our Biggest Fan

This Mother’s Day we are challenged to follow the mandate of scripture…to encourage and build one another up in love.  Simply put…we must become our biggest fans!

Life’s Healing Choices – The Growth Choice

You don’t have to stay where you are, it’s time to grow.

Life’s Healing Choices – The Transformation Choice

Who are you becoming?

Life’s Healing Choices – The Commitment Choice

Week three in our Life’s Healing Choices series.

Life’s Healing Choices – The Hope Choice

Choosing hope.  A hope based in God’s power…not our own.

Life’s Healing Choices – The Reality Choice

The first week in our Life’s Healing Choices series.

Dreaming of Impact – Love till it Hurts

To what extent are you willing to impact the world around you?

Dreaming of Impact – Beginning to Dream

Impact begins with a dream.  What is your dream?

Experience – Experience the Stories

Hear what God has done as people have decided to act!

Experience – Experience through Service

When we begin to sacrificially react to God’s love and pursue a relationship with Him through the giving of ourselves to others there will be no area of our lives in which we will experience him more than our service.

Experience – Experience through Others

This whole thing is about community!

Experience – Holy

Sometimes it’s all about asking the right questions.

Experience – Keep coming back!

When you begin to draw near to God you will become more aware of how your sin hurts people.  The question is whether you will believe you are forgiven and stay long enough to allow grace to change you!

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