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Bob Goff

As many of you know, this past week Bob Goff was with us at Hoboken Grace.  It was an incredible morning and Bob asked us previously not to publish the recording online so that he could speak freely of what he’s seen God do around the world.  If you would like to hear the conversation from Sunday it will be […]


Courtney’s Story Sarah’s Story

Framework – God’s Plan – Joshua

You can look like this:  Or you can look like this: 

The World & Us

Father’s Day

Life’s Toughest Questions – Is Jesus the Only Way?

It’s been an excellent three weeks as we’ve walked through some really difficult conversations and in the midst of those found beautiful answers that speak to the incredible love God has for us. We’ve seen how He cares for us, how He is pursuing us, and how He’s leading us to a greater expression of love. It’s been a tough […]

Paths – Share Grace

Paths Experiencing Grace Growing in Grace Demonstrating Grace – Not just the homeless. The homeless man is so much easier to love than the jerk in your dinner group. You control the relationship with the homeless guy. You can’t control the relationship with your brother. This isn’t about just loving those who are extreme, this begins here.

Paths – Building Upon Experiences

Ok, so I’ve begun to trust him personally. I’m beginning to pursue experiencing him consistently. Where do I go next? What’s my next step? This week we build upon experience as we look at how we not only experience Grace, but “grow in grace”.

Paths – Experiencing Grace

One of the most common questions I’m asked by those beginning this journey of grace is, “Where do I begin?” This week we answered that question. Whether you’re beginning, restarting, or helping someone else begin, this is crucial. The first steps on any journey will determine much of what happens from there on out. To check out the story Chris […]

Paths – Choosing Paths

This week kicked off our new “Paths” series. Where we discuss how in life we are constantly choosing paths that will eventually determine our destiny. Even the smallest of choices can put us on a path we never intended to walk or a path filled with joy. This week we specifically examine the paths before us and together begin a […]

Palm Sunday

Our ability to understand and celebrate what took place on Easter morning is based on a greater understanding of the story God continues to tell.


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