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Series: Leaving Loneliness

Today Pastor Chris kicks off the powerful new series Leaving Loneliness with one important question. Does anyone really know you? Not just the bits and pieces we choose to show, but the personal details that truly make us who we are. Invite friends or family to listen with you as we we walk through this conversation together, because as Chris will show…we […]

What Sustains

As we head into fall, what are you focused on? We often think we know what sustains us, but what if there was something even bigger than ourselves that could truly sustain every one of us? Today Pastor Chris challenges us to discover what that is, and to stop engaging life by thinking what we can take in and begin […]

Love Languages

Labor Day weekend means Worship Sunday at Hoboken Grace! We all have a love language (or two) and God is no different. He loves to be loved through praise and song. So whether you are a singer by trade, or strictly a car singer, you can show God love in this way! To help us in that, the band led […]

Something Incredible

Today we celebrated the past year and all that God has accomplished in and through Hoboken Grace. From Grace Kids to community partnerships to the Home Initiative, Pastor Chris highlighted all of the ways we love and impact our community, and outlined the vision moving forward. “As we look at this new city that God has given us, and this […]

Series: Unstuck

Are you feeling stuck? Stuck at work? Stuck in your relationship? Stuck when it comes to your future? Is the rut to big to get out of?   What if that could change? Join us as we examine how one change could change everything. It’s amazing how transformation is often dependent on one step, one change, one adjustment.   It’s […]

Our New Home

We started the Home Initiative over a year ago, and today Pastor Chris gives an update on where we are in that journey. This is a historic moment for the church and the years-long journey towards a space from which we can better love and serve the city.

Series: Learning to Love Roller Coasters

Is there a better illustration for life than a roller coaster? Have you ever felt the bottom drop out? Have you ever experienced a twist you didn’t see coming? Have you ever wondered if you would survive as things turned upside down? All of us have. Life is constantly throwing us in different directions at speeds we can’t control. To […]

A Better Story (Child Dedication 2021)

Pastor Chris continues the Learning to Love Roller Coasters and challenges us to ask ourselves some important questions. How are we experiencing the ride of life? Do we trust the designer of the ride or do we try to take control? Join as we walk through how we can experience the ride well and how it is possible to have comfort […]

Significant Strength

We are all uniquely created and gifted with our own strengths, but how are we using them and what are we using them for? For some of us, we might use them to advance ourselves and achieve certain accomplishments. For others, we might not use them at all because we feel like we have little to offer or that our strengths […]

A Four Year Journey

Pastor Chris walks us through the 4 year journey of the Home Initiative, and what led us to where we are now. But we want to go back before we go forward. We want to trust God and follow Him. We don’t want to miss a single moment to engage with God as we look toward the future, putting roots down […]

Series: Starting Point

Wondering about God, Jesus or the Bible? Why not check out Starting Point? It’s for those of you who are brand new to your faith, returning to it, or just have questions and doubts. It’s a safe place, without judgment, where you can ask the questions you think you’re not supposed to ask in church.

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