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One of the first steps we are called to take when we become a christian is the step of baptism. This physical act is a symbol of what takes place in our lives spiritually when we trust God that Jesus Christ has made it possible for us to be adopted as God’s son or daughter. It’s an outward expression of […]

Making Love Last – Submission

This week is our last week in the Making Love Last conversation! This week we put the final piece in place as we look at a principle that is often misunderstood and keeps us from freedom and joy in our relationships with one another.

Making Love Last – Communication

The next step in building our foundation is surrounded by practical application. Listen in as we look at several key relational tools that God gives us and the foundational principle that will allow you to put them into action.

Making Love Last – Value

We’ve begun to lay out the foundation. This past week we saw how God is leading us towards loving those around us the way he has loved us. We’ve begun to see what’s necessary for a lasting loving relationship. Listen in to this week’s message as we put the next piece in place and continue to explore how we can […]

Making Love Last – Identity

How do we stay connected to the people we love – whether we’re married or single or dating? Does real love still exist? What does that look like? How do we stay there? Listen in as we look at what it means to lay the foundation for a love that lasts.

Fearless – Living in Expectation

When your life is based on God’s promises you have an incredible opportunity to live with expectation. Unfortunately we often miss this. We follow, but we’re constantly afraid. It’s time to move to a life of expectation.

Fearless – Promises

This week we’re back to our conversation, “FEARLESS”. We’ve begun the journey, we’re dealing with the fear. Now it’s time to replace the idols. You can never simply eliminate an idol. You must replace it. This week we take our next step towards a fearless life.

The Table

Fearless – Know My Fear

What do I do with the fear? Even though I know He’s bigger and stronger, even though I know I can trust Him, there is still a feeling of fear. What do I do with that? This week we began to break that down and laid out a plan for eliminating that feeling that seems to linger even in the […]

Fearless – Fear God

With fear influencing so much of our lives, and with the realization that fear is not what God wants for us, how do we begin the journey toward fearlessness? This week we look at step one. The conversation is about more than simply getting over it. Fear is not something you just get over. There needs to be a fundamental […]

Fearless – Fear Free

In a world that seems to be moving faster every day anxiety and stress can easily dominate our lives. Whether it’s just a few select moments or a lifestyle that we live with, fear is paralyzing. It destroys our ability to enjoy the life we’ve been given. It is not what God intended for you.

Home for Christmas

Listen in as we experience Hoboken Grace’s first ever Christmas Eve service!

Lifted – Three Encouraging Truths

We’ve established the foundation. We’ve walked through the process of bringing this into our conversations with others. This week prepare to simply be encouraged. The truth of what God has done in your life and who you now are is overwhelming. That’s what this week is all about.

Lifted – Encouraging Words

Last week we established the foundation for our series, “Lifted”. 1. Encouragement is not simply making someone feel better, it is building hope and confidence in those around us. 2. Encouragement must be based on truth. 3. Our hope and confidence is found in what Christ has done for us, not ourselves. This week we move forward from there and […]

Lifted – Encourage

Outside of the instruction to, “love one another”, there is nothing in scripture that we are instructed to do more in the lives of those around us than encourage. It is one of the primary roles that we play in each others lives. It is crucial to our family and crucial to our mission. This week we began, “Lifted”, a […]

Roots – Faith

Join us as we look at another practical way in which you can increase your awareness of Christ’s love. Everything we do is a response to that love, we can’t miss it.

Roots – Thankful

Despite what you may have been told, God not only loves you, but loves you in amazing ways. This love has nothing to do with how good you are or how bad you are. He doesn’t ask you to pay him back and he doesn’t expect you to earn it. It’s simply yours to experience. As a matter of fact, […]

Vision 2012

We’ve seen God do some incredible things in our church this year. The changed lives, the baptisms, the expansion of our family, and an increase in our ability to love and serve our city. It has been amazing. This past Sunday, listen in to find out what’s next! How can we take what we’ve been given this year and use […]

Purpose – Celebration

This week we celebrated what God has done in the past six weeks. Come hear how this message of purpose is changing the lives of people just like you throughout our community.

Purpose – Mission

One of the unique aspects of God’s family is that it has been given a mission. This family is not stagnant, but is constantly on the move. We’ve been given a goal, the question is, what will we do with it. This week we took a look at that mission as we celebrated the step of Baptism with several of […]

Purpose – Ministry

When we begin to believe God that we aren’t an accident, we begin to understand that who we are, how we operate, what we do poorly and what we do well is all part of the plan. The problem is, you can’t experience the fullness of that alone. You need a family. This week, we continue to uncover the plan […]

Purpose – Becoming

As we continue to see how God has put in place this plan for family, this week we turn our attention to the dream He has for you and I. Nothing God has created is stationary. Everything God creates is moving. We live in a reality of constant motion. Our very lives depend on it. Your health depends on it, […]

Purpose – Family Pt. 2

As we discussed last week, from the beginning this plan has been all about family. You were created to be loved, to be part of an incredible family. Our experience of that family begins as we accept and experience God’s love. However, it doesn’t stop there. This week we continue to celebrate this family for which we were created as […]

Purpose – Family Pt. 1

In the beginning of our conversation of Purpose, we saw that the question is no longer, “What is God’s plan for my life?” but rather, “What is God’s plan and how does my life fit into that?” This shift draws our attention to the plan. What is God’s plan? What is God’s purpose? This past week we began to unpack […]

Purpose – Not an Accident

What on Earth am I here for? Every one of us has asked this question, the question of purpose. As we walk through life the question arises over and over again. For most of us, it remains unanswered. Yet God has answered this question for all of us. In this week’s conversation , discover what God says about your purpose. You are […]

Remember: 9/11

There are few days in our lives that stand out more than 9/11. It was a day that changed everything. This past Sunday, we remembered and honored those who were lost, as we spent time seeking God in light of this ten-year anniversary. Listen in on this special service as we remember the past and look with hope to the […]

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