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Series: Stuck at Work

We want to live lives that leave the world a better place, but then we go to work. We sit at a desk and wonder if we’re accomplishing anything of lasting significance at all. What do we do with work? It’s time to get unstuck.

Series: Rest

When was the last time you actually experienced rest? When was the last time you felt rested? To a world on the brink of exhaustion, Jesus says He brings rest. What if He actually can?

Series: Heroes

We grow up wanting to live heroic lives. We strive for greatness. We long to know that our lives matter in some way, but somewhere along the way we give up. What if we could actually live lives that are celebrated eternally? What if we’ve misunderstood the heroic life and in the process we’re missing our chance? Join us as […]

Series: This Crazy Book

Have you ever sat down to read the Bible and felt intimidated? Have you ever wondered, “Where do I start?” Have you ever felt you had no idea how to understand what you just read? You’re not alone, and it doesn’t have to be like that. For the next six weeks we’re going to read through the beginning of Acts […]

You Can Do It

It began with everyday people empowered by His Spirit. It continues today in the very same way. You can do it!

Burnt Up

What will be left? When we look in the eyes of the one who was poured out for us, what will be left of what we had to give? Join us as we look back, we look forward, and we set the tone for our upcoming year!

Looking Up

In times when we feel like looking down on our life or on our circumstances, it’s important to look up to God for guidance and direction. He’s been guiding us all along, we just need to learn to hear His voice above all the rest.

Series: Win

In the game of life we all want to win, but often the battles are confusing and we aren’t even sure who or what we’re fighting. It’s time to get clarity in how we can actually begin to win. Join us as we explore how God is preparing us to win. This summer it’s time to start winning!

Plan A

You Are Here

Baby Dedication

Join us as we celebrate the little ones God has brought into our family and commit to do all we can to ensure that they know His love!   Watch the full livestream recordings of the 9:30, 11:00 & 12:30 services on our Livestream page.

Series: A Grown Up Love

No one wants a childish relationship, but we continue to hold on to childish ideas of love. A grown up love is built on a grown up understanding of how we give and receive love. Join us this spring as we allow God to break down some of our childish ideas of love and replace them with a grown up […]

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