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Our Father

God wishes for us to refer to him as our Father. Our relationship with Him is deeply personal, and much greater than any of us can imagine. Join Care Pastor Anthony as he discussed the dynamic of our relationship with Christ, and explore with us the intimate relationship that cannot be persuaded.

Series: Lost & Found

Over the past few weeks every one of us has experienced loss in some way. Whether it’s the loss of our normal routine, the loss of a job, or the loss of someone we love. We are all engaging loss in some way, but loss doesn’t mean that all is lost. Often in the midst of loss there is something […]

Series: Fearless

It’s amazing the role fear can plan in our lives if we allow it. Fear is a necessary part of life, but often it assumes a role in our lives it was never intended to play. For many of us fear dominates the decisions we make, the lives we live. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join us as […]

Series: Home Promo

There are few words that carry the weight of “home.” It speaks to the cravings of our soul, belonging, love, security, identity. It’s at the core of who we are and the core of God’s invitation to us. Join us as we explore how we can find and know “Home.”

Series: New

Have you ever felt like your engaging new challenges with an old operating system? Have you wished there was a button you could push to upgrade? Join us this January as we look at God’s invitation into “new.” It isn’t something you make happen, it’s something He’s been wanting to do in and through you for a long time.

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