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In our world we understand the importance of timing. The right timing can be the difference between a promotion and loosing your job. The right timing can mean she says yes or no. Timing is so important, and yet God’s timing can so often be frustrating. Listen in as we look at what God has to say about timing. You […]

Life Apps – Encouragement App

This week we walked through our final “Life App”, and we’re wrapped up with a beautiful reminder of how incredible God’s family is intended to be. Listen and be encouraged as we take one more step in becoming doers and not just hearers of God’s word.

Life Apps – Forgiveness App Pt. 2

In the previous message we began to lay out what God means when he calls us to forgive, but we just got started. This week we go beyond just knowing you should forgive. Find out how God is teaching you to forgive, and how not to allow the past to determine your future. Listen in as we continue to work […]

Life Apps – Confession App

For the next few weeks at Hoboken Grace, we are going to be focused on practical application of God’s word. Each week, we’ll be looking at a specific area of our lives where God is guiding us toward life and away from destruction. These “life apps” are practical steps that will make an incredible diference in our life. Listen in, […]

Life Apps – Application is Everything

There are hundreds of thousands of phone apps available for download. These apps can be used to wake you up, to show you where to shop, to help you count calories or to log your exercise minutes. But they can’t make you get up, control your spending, manage your diet or force you to exercise. Listen in on this past […]

Front Lines

As we continue to grow as a church and as we contuinue to hear story after story of what God is doing here in Hoboken, we took this past Sunday to ask, “What’s Next?” Listen in as we celebrate what God’s done and look at where we believe he’s leading us as we move through the rest of 2011. It’s […]

Story – Out Loud

We’ve been working through this conversation, “Story,” for several weeks now, and this week we wrap it up with the most important piece of all.  There is a difference between good stories and powerful stories. The difference may surprise you.

Story – The Villan

This week, we have yet another awesome account of God at work in the lives of people just like you. The story we showed on Sunday is the complement to Clara’s story from last week (you can watch her story on the Hoboken Grace Stories blog if you missed it). Ryan, Clara’s fiance, will recounts the story of what God did […]

Story – The Hero

In order to understand a story, it’s crucial that you identify the main character. The same is true for your story. This week we hear another incredible story and take a look at the characters that fill our stories, and the roles that they play.

Story – Incomplete Stories

As we begin our journey in becoming expert story tellers we take a look this week at the incredible diversity of stories that God uses to show the world who he is. It doesn’t matter what your story is, he can use it to tell his story.

Story – Celebrating

This Sunday was a unique day as we looked back over the past six weeks and heard the stories of how God is changing lives. We heard about the freedom that people are finding as they are redefining their relationship with God and leaving behind expectations.

Be Free – Monday Mornings

For the first four weeks of this “Be Free” series, we’ve been working through a new understanding of grace, freedom and now worship. It’s time now to get practical. How do we live in light of what we’ve discovered? What does this mean about the expectations of my family, my boss, my mortgage company? What does this mean on Monday […]

Be Free – Unfinished Business

We’ve reached the heart of, “Be Free,” and we’re beginning to uncover what it means to actually be free. At the same time, however, it seems like there are just pieces all over the floor. How does this all fit together? How will this impact how I make decisions? How will this impact how I treat others? How will this […]

Be Free – Expectations

This past week, our journey to freedom took an unexpected twist that left many of you with questions; good questions. This Sunday, we begin to answer those questions as we continue our journey to freedom. If you haven’t downloaded the “Be Free” study guide from our homepage at, do that today. It will allow you to walk this journey with […]

Be Free – Is God Pleased With Me?

This past week we began our journey with this incredible message of how God has brought us back into his family. We began our journey toward freedom. From here, however, it only gets better. This week, take another step toward being free as we see God shock us with what he’s done for each and every one of us. You’re […]

Be Free – Coming Home

Easter is here, and with it comes a conversation that will change the way you see God. The scriptures tell us again and again that Jesus Christ came to bring freedom, and yet most of us live our lives enslaved by the expectations of our job, our relationships, and the very same God that we say came to bring us […]


Can We Talk? – God’s Will

Join us this week as we continue talking about prayer and how God’s will for our lives should shape our conversations with Him.

Can We Talk? – How To Talk

Once the relationship changes in our conversation with God everything begins to change. When you talk to your Father the conversation isn’t filled with requests. You’re sharing yourself and experiencing someone else. The same is true about prayer. Once the relationship changes, the requests take a back seat, and all of a sudden something new comes to the forefront. This […]

Can We Talk? – Prayer as a Relationship

The relationship you have with the person who you are speaking with changes the conversation completely. When you hear a guy speaking like a girl into his cell phone, you know that him girlfriend is on the other end. Should work call, his tone, word selection and mood will change instantly. This is true in our conversation with God as […]

Find Love – Follow the Map

This week we take our final steps in our Finding Love conversation. The story comes to a close with two final pieces to the puzzle that will amaze you.

Find Love – Don’t Settle

This week, we continue our discussion on God’s plan for finding love as the story begins to heat up.

Find Love – The Right Places

Join us as we continue the story of Ruth and discuss the importance of character and the role it plays in relationships. Below is the list of character traits referenced in the podcast: Courage, honesty, reliability, vision, integrity, respect, endurance, generosity, perseverance, compassion, commitment, enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, humility, patience, loyalty, forgiving

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