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Series: The Son

At the core of our faith is the decision to follow Jesus, and yet many still don’t understand the significance of who He is. No one has impacted history more. No one continues to impact your life more, no matter what you believe.

Celebration Sunday

What happens if we put our trust in God and build a “home” in Him?

Participating in the Miracle

Why is it difficult to give God credit for the good things, but easy to blame Him for the challenges?

Series: Restoring Love

What if relationships aren’t just magical? What if there are crucial connections that bring the puzzle together? Join us as we look at the four pillars to every relationship and their connections to one another. Relationships are a puzzle, but it’s not an unsolvable puzzle. You just have to understand how the pieces connect.  

Series: Get Fin Healthy

You can have the greatest intentions in the world, but if you aren’t intentional with your finances, you’ll never experience the joy of a generous life. This year set your course from day one to experience a financially healthy future. It’s time to #getfinhealthy!

Vision Sunday 2022

The New Year is an opportunity to refocus on what’s ahead. It’s about having a plan, but more importantly who are we becoming through it?


We as individuals have purpose, but what does it look like for our community to live out a shared purpose?

Series: Capturing Christmas

One moment changed everything. God invaded our story in the most unique way to capture the hearts of those who’d turned from Him. We often think of Christmas as a time of peace and joy, but make no mistake, that first Christmas was a moment of invasion, a critical point in the mission of the Father. In this five week […]

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